We lay the intellectual foundations of Entrepreneurial Economics and Post-Fossil Society.

We help organizations and individuals to build their future on human interdependence, social interaction, and, at the same time, digitally native practices. We are strategists and researchers focusing on the transformative role of the Internet and the still untapped potential of technological intelligence.

We explore the changes in work and life and want to create a sustainable future for people and our planet. We think that the future of work is human-centric and takes place in interaction between interdependent people. Our theoretical framework comes from sociology, network theory, computing studies, cognitive neuroscience and the sciences of complexity.

In our daily assignments, we often solve very practical issues that have to do with knowledge work productivity, collaborative creativity and digital strategies. Thus also, producing thought leadership.

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Main affililiations:

Sitra, the Finnish innovation fund, Helsinki, Finland. Adianta school for leadership and innovation, New Delhi, India. The Taos Institute, Taos, United States.